Gas Tester Training

The international oil and gas industry recognizes that a major objective is to prevent incidents occurring, and if they do occur, to control them and minimize their effect. It is important therefore to set common standards of training and to ensure they are maintained. The authorized gas tester (AGT) role is critical intesting for and ensuring safe working atmospheres, inparticular : permit controlled confined spaces, and prior to and during hot work. The tasks authorized gas testers are required to under take may vary depending on the work place operation at the time.

The tasks also vary in complexity and responsibility. Therefore, the AGT role has been split into three levels, they are:
AGT Level 1, AGT Level 2 and AGT Level 3.
a) AGT Level 1 is required for those involved with performing a test for oxygen, flammable and toxic gases up to and including working in confined spaces.
b) AGT Level 2 is required for those involved with testing for flammable gas in preparation for hot work.
c) AGT Level 3 is required for those who provide safety watch duties by the ongoing monitoring of a hot work site.

This course is design to provided the participant knowledge and skill in various of toxic gases properties, how to measured with safe and interpreted the measurement data. The training topics emphasized the attendance to understand all the requirement to testing Oxygen, toxic and flammable gases which covering : selecting proper PPE; various type of gas detection equipment; relevant code of practices; various level of gas toxicity and the acceptable limit; the hazard of toxic gas and oxygen deficiency; PTW system; the principle gas testing in confine space, how to interpreted the testing result.