AI Engines

The magic starts with the image. Our AI engines are trained to recognize EHS concepts in a live video stream. This could be people, protection equipment, vehicles, fire, or even the surrounding area.

You have extensive supervision in the workplace when you add the Rhyton Intelligent EHS to your EHS toolbox. Now it doesn’t matter how far you are from the site or how crowded the office is, you can keep an eye on your work zones with magnificent details throughout the day.

Rhyton Intelligent EHS is a product that brings artificial intelligence into industrial environments and construction sites to prevent the occurrence of accidents and improve safety.

This product detects unsafe and complex conditions by processing CCTV streams and provides timely information to the person in charge to prevent adverse events.

The system automatically generates the reports needed by safety managers and authorities using Machine  Vision technology, which provides the  safety team with  more helpful and accurate information about the employee’s safety. As a result, any construction project which has or can have surveillance cameras can benefit from this software.

Smart Safety Scenarios

Smart safety scenarios are rules that the system controls using defined spaces and given conditions for each particular scenario area inside each camera view. Each smart safety scenario will handle at least one risk inside a project in at least one specific location.

Here we propose some scenarios based on our current risk assessment, which will be reviewed in the next steps.

  • Safety zone control

The   system   will   monitor   safety   zones,   specifically   scaffold   areas   during   shelf   lifting

and welding, excavation safety zones, cranes safe zones.

  • Lifting/welding- Supervisor presence

The system controls the presence of a particular type of staff or a specified number of .workforce

to be present at a specific location during the operation.

  • Work at height- permit control

The system controls every entry to work at height entries and check whether any permit issued

for work at that specific entry and for that particular person.

  • PPE control

The System control PPE requires each particular spot, entry, or workspace.

  • Work at height- scaffold safety control

The system control scaffolds tag, and if it is not safe, it alarms any entries.

  • Limitation access control

The system control any access to power equipment, WAH entries, permit office, and other high-

risk locations to identify whether the closed person has the right to access the area or equipment or not.

  • Restricted area control

The system controls any presence or breaches from or inside the restricted area by people or


  • Fire and smoke control on open spaces

The systems control any open spaces for smoke or fire in initial stages.

  • LPOB control

The system controls entry and exit of personnel in a specified time, and if an unknown person

enters the location of any known person doesn’t exit the site at the end of working/specified time, it alerts.

  • Night shift controls

The system imposes commuting regulation regarding time, like the number of allowed persons

inside the site, unauthorized presence location, etc.

  • Covid-19

In the case of controlling the current pandemic situation, we offer to use the covid19 module

of Intelligent EHS, which control fever and mask usage inside the site.

Rhyton Usage at DP-Pharma Company

Rhyton Intelligent EHS is a brilliant idea, using high-end technology to increase the ROI  of our infrastructure. It helps us to be proactive about safety and relief our concerns about any upcoming events we can’t afford to control by human eyes.