Our technology has been registered in the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) with number registration : 056/TRI./Reg-1/KLHK. Registration link KLHK


Bioremediation can be subdivided into two categories; Bio-Stimulation and Bio-Augmentation

Bio-Stimulation: Bioremediation is done through “Natural  Attenuation” whereby the indigenous microorganisms already existing in the contaminated soil are used to degrade the Total Petroleum Carbon (TPH) within the crude oil contaminated soil (COCS). This is the soil bioremediation process that has been performed in Indonesia for many years. The process is natures way to clean the TPH from the COCS, but it is a very slow bioremediation method to clean the COCS.

Bio-Augmentation: Bioremediation is performed when a select group of natural and non-pathogenic group of microorganisms are introduced to a COCS to help speed up the degradation of the TPH within the COCS.

The select group of environmentally safe microorganisms and specially designed nutrients act as a catalyst to promote and support the already existing indigenous microorganisms within the COCS. This involves the inoculation of specially selected nutrients and oxygen that act as a catalyst by dramatically increasing the colony forming unit (CFU’s) into the trillions.

As the microbial platelet population increases, the TPH degradation process dramatically speeds up. The bio-augmentation TPH degradation process can be up to 10 times faster than the bio-stimulation process.

BioCritters comprise naturally occurring Class 1 microbes (found in the Berges Manual) that are non-opportunistic and non-pathogenic; that are grown in and on carbon pellets. The consortium is made up of various microbial species, including Pseudomonas, Bacillus, and Corynebacterium.

A combination of aerobic (microbes needing oxygen), anaerobic (microbes not needing oxygen), and facultative anaerobic microorganisms (Microbes adjusting with or without oxygen) are included in these three species. The by-products of BioCritters are carbon dioxide, water, and trace elements of harmless fatty acid.

BioCritters is a USA DHEC and FDEP approved, pathogen free product for the biological treatment of hydrocarbon contamination. All microbes are naturally occurring from around the world and pose no risk to human health or the environment. BioCritters and related products are non-toxic and non-pathogenic and have not been genetically altered in any way.