Maintenance & Inspection Gas Station


E-PIT (External Pipe Inspection Tool)

Pipeline Inspection Technologies for Unconventional Pipelines  Considered to be Unpiggable
Introducing New External Electromagnetic Solutions for Pipeline Inspection

  • Contoured to fit pipe sizes 50mm & larger, un – insulated
  • Inspects bare pipe at 5m / minute with hand – held probe
  • Built – in odometer for positional accuracy
  • Interfaces to Ferroscope and Lap – Top
  • Two man operation.



CUI is a major problem for power plant and chemical process industries. CUI can result in sudden and hazardous leaks (safety concern), and plant shutdowns with high losses of production -volumes (economical concern).

Insulated Pipes are :

  • Difficult & Expensive to Inspect
  • Conventional Methods—Profile RT , Spot UT , Insulation Removal, Infrared, Neutron Back – Scatter, Real – Time X – Ray…..
  • In – Service, Efficient & Cost Effective Solution ?


Electromagnetic Solution


  • An electromagnetic TT (through transmission) technique intended to inspect a live pipe with insulation layer up to 75 mm thick.
  • The TT probe was encased in a flexible “Bracelet ™ “and is proving to be an efficient and cost-effective technique for in-service piping inspection for both internal and external wall loss.
  • Bracelet ™ Probes are flexible and one probe can fit on many different pipe sizes. In its current design, one probe can fit pipe sizes from 150 mm and up.
  • Bracelet ™ Probes can detect both local and general wall loss. ID wall loss can be detected at small liftoff while OD wall loss can be detected at large liftoff.
  • Bracelet ™ Probes work with Ferroscope ™ 308 and Adept Pro ™ MC software program.








1.H2S container (unit)                                                                        14. 6 man manifolds

2.H2S fixed monitor/ controller 4800                                            15. 30 minute SCBA industrial SCOTT USA

3.H2S fixed sensor / iTrans                                                               16. Pelican rack c/w 6 SCBA cylinder

4.Explosion proof siren                                                                       17. 10 minute EEBA

5.Explosion proof strobe light                                                            18. Scott voice amplifier

6.Non-explosion proof siren                                                               19. Windsocks and pole

7.Non-explosion proof strobe light                                                    20. Explosion proof bug blower

8.Portable single gas/H2S detector                                                    21. Well condition signs

9.Portable multi gas detector                                                               22. Safety belt, harness & life line

10.Hand held/Gastec pump                                                                 23. Stretcher yellow plastic

11.5 minute workline SKAPAK SCOTT USA                                     24. First aid kid

12.Electric BA compressor                                                                    25. oxygen resuscitator

13.Cascade cylinder 300 cuft                                                                26. Battery powered meg