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ProocesMap is leading Data Intelegence Platform for Environmental Health Safety & Sustainability that empowers client to Minimize Risk, Assure Compliance and Ensure Safety. ProcessMAP built-in Analytics tool empowers EHSQ management to take decisions proactively to improve employee Health & Safety, Ensure Compliance and Better manage organizational risks. www.processmap.com

Environmental Services

We have the ability to environmental protection from upstream-downstream sector in petroleum industries. Bioremediation for crude oil contaminated soil, impact's from drilling activities to mantain the enviromental quality, physical specially by Bio Critters technology. Zero Spill System (ZSS) to protect the BOP Stack from oil splash, and OBM (Oil Base Mud) saving.

Drilling & Completion (D&C)

SafeKick (SK) is pleased to present a proposal for the implementation of our SafeVisionĀ® Monitoring and Simulation System, including the Standalone, Office and Rig Packages, which has a flexible design where modules can be added to meet specific operational needs. www.safekick.com