Turtle Tough

Total Safety Energy, PT is appointed as sole Distributor for Turtle Tough product in Indonesia by Turtle Tough Australia which is Authorized Dealer Turtle Tough.

The World’s Toughest Liquid Analysis Systems

Our customers conduct liquid analytics in the toughest conditions in the world. They operate in mining, precious metal & ore refinement and extreme chemical processes, where most sensors are unable to provide accuracy or longevity. Deterioration in the accuracy of sensors creates costly wastage as process control is affected. Additionally, in these extreme environments many sensors require intensive maintenance and frequent calibration, which are time consuming and costly processes.
Our customers choose Turtle Tough because we deliver on our promises: providing substantial cost savings through better sensor performance. Not only do we save them money, but we simplify the human factors required to keep the process measurement systems running effectively.

Improved Measurement Accuracy & Process Control

Turtle Tough sensors are designed to provide accurate measurement for significantly longer than any other sensor. Custom made to provide lower rates of expiration, slower accuracy degradation and reduced fouling, our sensors are reported to provide massive savings to our customers from better accuracy and tighter process control.

Application by Industry

All Turtle Tough pH, ORP, Conductivity and Ion Selective measurement sensors have no serviceable components. This means completely maintenance free operation – for the entire life of the sensor. A truly superior sensor must be impervious to ingress. Turtle Tough sensors are solid state and totally sealed for life. Not only will they resist process contamination but they are completely maintenance free. There is no gel or electrolyte to be refilled, no reference to replace and no o-rings or seals to be compromised or replenished.

Longest Life in the Industry

With various salt mixtures and polymer formulations. Our proprietary pH glass and ORP elements provide unmatched performance in harsh environments. By utilising solid-state conductive reference junction polymers we are able to achieve accurate measurement while resisting process contamination into the reference system.

This ability to maintain high ionic conductivity while resisting aggressive gas intrusion is what makes our sensors outlast virtually all competitors in difficult process control conditions.

Intelligently Designed for Extreme Applications

Turtle Tough’s patented and advanced technology will revolutionise the way you experience liquid analysis. Our entire range of pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen and Ion Specific sensors are designed to be physically and chemically superior providing long life and high performance in the world’s toughest environments. Through decades of experience suppling sensors into the world’s toughest applications, we have developed sensors

that are optimised for high hydrofluoric acid, saturated sodium, high sulphide, organic solvents, high cyanidation, ultrapure water, high temperature and slurry/viscous applications.

Turtle Tough Analysers

The TT-MA Analysers have been designed specifically to interface with our extreme Turtle Tough sensors to provide the maximum possible service life to the sensor. The unique modular design enables you to create a full multi-parameter analyser with any combination of different analytical modules including pH,ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and Ion Specific. Functional modules can also be added including digital MODBUS, Data-logging and Relays. The TT-MA analyser family are the most economical full feature industrial analysers available in the marketplace, often at a fraction of the cost of other analysers.

Compatible Analysers

You will find our Turtle Tough sensors connected to some of the biggest names in analyser hardware. Turtle Tough sensors are made to outperform OEM sensors and will interface directly with most Rosemount, Yokogawa, Endress & Hauser, ABB, Mettler Toledo and many other analysers. For compatibility with your hardware or analyser please consult with your Turtle Tough representative.

To see the product from turtle tough more complete, you can see on the official website www.turtletough.co.au