Tank Cleaning

We Give Solutions for Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance all over Indonesia with safely, efficient & good quality as our main purpose. We are ready to assist you in :

• Water Jet Cleaning / Hydro Blasting Cleaning

• Chemical Cleaning

• Tank Cleaning & Sludge Removal

• Pig Cleaning • Sand Blasting & Wet Blasting

• Coating & Painting

We provide a high standard of service and support. tang

• Refineries: Cleaning Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Condensers, Fin Fan Coolers, Reactors, Evaporators, etc

Mining: Clogged plant machinery due to rock dust, coal, mud or oil. Pre maintenance cleaning of dumpers, drag lines, underground haulage lines & shafts; aid in recovery of ore; hydraulic cutting.

Shipyards / Ships: Cleaning Tanks and holds, Boilers, Condensers, Bilges, Main deck, Hull and Bottom.

Petro chemical / Chemical Processing: Boiler tubes, heat exchangers tubes, tanks, pipes, vessels, valves, evaporators, condensers, reactors.

Oil Rigs: Main Deck maintenance removal of concrete from drilling pipes, barnacle remove, Cleaning Tanks.

• Power Stations: Cleaning Boilers and Condensers, etc.

• Construction Industries: Concrete Cutting, Wall Cleaning, Equipment Cleaning