Our Product Total Safety Energy :

a. Horiba Product (ENDA-5000 Stack-Gas Analysis System)

ENDA-5000 have a smaller footprint, and use cross-flow modulated non dispersive infrared (NDIR) detection with a magnet pneumatic detection method that is inherently drift free. The ENDA-5000 series are superior continuous analysis systeHoribar ENDA-5000m that are perfect in the difficult field of exhaust gas measurement, where measurement error cannot be tolerated. The series feature a new intuitive touch panel that makes every operation available with the touch of single button, the ENDA-5000 series system are also designed for faster, more efficient maintenance. They are ideal for variety of uses, including monitoring steam boiler , refuse incinerator and electric power generation plant emissions to assure pollution standards are being met.

horiba1Explosion Proof Infrared Analyzer, Explosion Proof Thermal Conductivity Analyzer, Explosion Proof Magneto Pneumatic Oxygen Analyzer, Explosion Proof Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer.

Focused and Functionality :

a. meet diverse gas analysis requirement

b. offers a clearly visibly and easy to operate user interface.

c. compatible with IEC600679 standards and communication functions.

b. PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) MSA

     Air Purifying Respirators

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c. Filter Press

filter press

we provide equipment unit filter press for the application of waste treatment process in accordance with the desired capacity.

d. Catridge / Bag Filter Housing


we provide equipment unit cartridge filter housing or equipment bag filter unit in accordance with the capacity and the desired micron.

e. Filter Compressor


We serve the manufacturing and remanufacturing of compressors filter like: Air Filter, Oil Filter, Oil Separator, Air Dryer Filter in accordance with existing samples.

and many other products such as :

1.Air pollution control equipment & system (Electro Static Presipitator, Bag Filter dust collector, Scrubber, ID/FD Fan, Accessories)

2.Filter Elements (Oil Separator, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Air Filter, Dust Filter, Gas Filter, Hydraulic Oil Filter, Air dryer filter).

3.Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment (Reverse Osmosis System, Demineralizer Water System, Waste Water Treatment).etc