Pipeline & Process Services

Provided Services

What Our Deliverables Within – Process Services

  • Nitrogen & Helium Leak Testing          
  • Nitrogen Foam Inerting
  • Gross Air Leak Testing
  • Ultrasonic Leak Testing
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • High Speed Flushing
  • Pipe Freezing
  • Bolt Torque & Tensioning
  • Flange Management
  • Valve Testing
  • Oil Flushing
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Jetting & Retrojetting
  • Camera Inspection
  • Deoiling & Other Decommisioning
  • Other Inspection Services
  • Trogen Purging

What Our Deliverables are Within – Pipeline Service

>Pipeline Flooding                        >Pipeline Gauging

>Pipeline Cleaning                        >Pipeline Gelling

>Pig Tracking                                 >Hydrostatic Testing

>Dewatering                                   >Air Drying

>Nitrogen Drying                          >Nitrogen Packing

>Vacum Drying                              >Glycol Swabbing

>Umbilical Flushing                     >Umbilical Testing

>Fiber Optic Testing

Integrity Management – Flow Assurance

The objective of the service is :

  • Deposite Removal
  • Typical deposits
  • Available processes


Without Effective Flow Assurance

Industries Served

Types of Equipment Cleaned

Technical Support

Chemical Cleaning Processes and additives 

Video Inspection Services

Vacuum Drying Services