Petrohab Services

PetroHab’s PetroHabitat™ is a pressurized Hot-Work Safety Enclosure (“HSE”) that is used to manage and control risks associated with performing Hot-Work operations in potentially hazardous area. The main objective of the Petro Habitat™ is to isolate ignition sources that are generated from Hot-Work operations taking place inside the HSE from any potentially flammable gases that may exist outside the HSE – in order to protect personnel and assets both inside and outside the HSE. In seeking to achieve that objective, the Petro Habitat™ was engineered with many design and safety features in mind, the most important of which are:

Framed heavy duty door made of marine grade aluminum that has both a window and a pressure monitor that is integrated into the door for visual confirmation of pressure inside the HSE Windows that are incorporated into some of the standard panels. Specialized intrusion/protrusion panels that allow objects such as pipes or structural metals to intrude into and/or protrude out of the HSE such that Hot-Work can safely be performed on such objects inside the HSE Specialized 1 meter x 2 meter escape panel. The Quadra-Lock® technology not only provides both the standard and specialized panels with great shear and tensile strengths, but further allows the panels to quickly be affixed to each other in virtually limitless configurations.