Instrumentation & Mechanical Services

  • Stack Gas Analyzer – Continuous Emission Monitoring System
  • Explosion Proof Infrared Analyzer
  • Explosion Proof Thermal Conductivity Analyzer
  • Instrumentation for Indoor and Outdoor Environmental Monitoring Applications (LSI Lastem).

Focused and Functionality :

  • Meets diverse gas analysis requirement
  • Offers a clearly visibly and easy to operate user interface
  • Compatible with IEC600679 standard & communication functions.

Instrumentation for Indoor and Outdoor Environmental Monitoring Applications (LSI Lastem).

LSI Lastem catalogue features one of the most complete ranges of instruments available on the market. We supply our products as complete, turn-key solutions or as components for third-party integration.


  • Indoor Environmental Quality

Since his inception, indoor environmental assessment has been LSI Lastem’s core business. Over the years, we implemented the most complete range of systems to measure the critical quantities defining health and comfort of building occupants.

  • Heat stress and thermal comfort

State-of-the-art systems for the measurement of thermal comfort and heat/cold stress in health and safety applications according to relevant ISO standards. Over the years this application has become a true LSI Lastem’s specialty.

  • HVAC

Complete solutions for thermal comfort and indoor air quality monitoring in order to regulate HVAC (Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems performances and attain a better thermal sensation with optimal energy expenditures.

  • Buildings assessment/Wall insulation

Complete systems for testing building environmental performances as function of energy saving capacity and related environmental comfort (Green Building Rating Tools) – including wall thermal transmittance, thermal comfort, indoor air quality and ventilation, light controls.

  • Controlled Atmosphere Processing Environments

Monitoring of ambient temperature, relative humidity, air speed, pressure, IAQ and other parameters relevant for optimal storing and processing purposes in clean rooms, white chambers, laboratories, warehouses, caves and green houses.

  • Museums and Heritage

Practicing on Italy’s immense cultural and artistic heritage and in cooperation with the most renowned restoration institutes, LSI Lastem has implemented monitoring solutions for the critical environmental and chemical parameters affecting conservation of artworks in museums, archeological sites and natural caves.


  • Air Quality Monitoring

Meteorological measurements for the analysis of the atmosphere dynamics and data correlation for air quality networks, stack emissions and gas analyzers systems.

  • Landfills and waste plants monitoring

Monitoring of meteorological parameters in environmental-hazardous plants such as landfills and waste treatment plants. Solutions for odours dynamics, rain quantity and deepwater level & quality.

  • Compost and biofilters

Systems to monitor the compost maturation process and bio-filtration activity. We provide solutions for temperature, oxygen and water content monitoring, for on-line (wireless or cabled) and portable applications.


  • AWS and Synoptic Meteorological systems

Complete surface weather observation systems according to WMO standards for general or specific meteorological observations, operating individually or in networks.

  • Road and transportation monitoring systems

Meteorological measurements systems for roads, railroads, seaports and airports-including specific parameters such as wind, visibility, precipitation intensity and type, road-surface conditions and present weather.

  • Hydrology systems

Meteorological systems to control water both as a resource and as a hazard in hydrological networks and water-basin management – including measures of rain intensity, level and quality of water and snow.

  • Agrometeorology

Climate is the single most important factor for crops growth and health. We offer a complete range of application-specific monitoring for leaf wetness, evapotranspiration, soil water content and photosynthetic-active radiation.