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  • Caisson Motion / Wellhead Thermal
  • Bridge and Compressor Piping
  • Flow Line / Jumpers / Fire Protection
  • Deck, Barge, Pump Misalignment
  • FPSO & Drilling Ships
  • Turret
  • Deck Motion
  • Module Motion
  • Flow Line Thermal
  • Hull Flex
  • Hull Torsion
  • Fire Protection
  • Wellhead Thermal
  • Steam Injection
  • SAGD
  • Frost Heave
  • System Thermal
  • Seismic
  • Tank Settlement / Distribution
  • Thermal Expansion / Seismic
  • Off Loading, On Loading
  • Above Ground / Vaults / Buried
  • Safety Relief Valve Vent
  • Bridge Piping

Hyspan Barco ball joints are the premium piping motion product. They are the most conservative design with a century of technological history and development providing the greatest reliability and lowest maintenance. Maximum total flex angles include 15º to 30º and 360º torsional rotation.

Hyspan Barco ball joints are delivered fully assembled and tested. No wrenches or tools are required for installation or operation. Install, test, and run. No maintenance.

Hyspan Barco ball joints are selected   for the most demanding applications requiring the greatest reliability, system and personnel safety. The combination of ASTM rated internal and external bearings, with TGO-50 GRAFOIL® packing, in an adjustable tension structure, provides the greatest reliability available. No other ball joint approaches this level. Move up to Hyspan. Codes supported: ASME B31.1, B31.3, ABS, API, BV, FM, GOST, Lloyds, PED, & TUV.

ONLY Hyspan includes all 3 technologies:

  1. Inner and Outer dedicated ASTM Bearing Seals
  2. GrafTech® Injectable TGO-50 GRAFOIL®
  3. Field Adjustable Bearing Seal Tension