Single & Multi Gas Detection

  1. Solutions provide site safety, security and awareness.
  2. Innovative devices and between users including mobile services, messaging, and the web.
  3. Provide comprehensive monitoring of gas detection.
  4. Blackline Safety helps teams working in hazardous environments respond to real-time emergencies and manage efficient evacuations.

How It Work

Revolutionizing Gas Detection

  • Operate in Real Time
  • Integrated Gas Sensor
  • Expired cartridges can be replaced free of charge.

G7c Blackline Safety uses 3G mobile network to connect your team wirelessly with real people.
In real-time to equip personnel direct monitors when someone needs help
G7c provides an exclusive custom modular design. Gas detection is adjusted to the working environment with sensor options.
Choose from Standard, Single-gas or Quad-gas Cartridge and various gas sensors.
Choice of Gas Sensor and Quad-Gas H2S, LEL, CO, O2, CO2, NH3.